Meet the Team

Success, Health, and Thriving Relationships

Erin Donovan

Founder and CEO – Coach Counselor Center

Erin has coached thousands of teens and adults since 2013.  She specializes in facilitating the growth necessary for her clients to reach their highest potential.  Her clients come with their own vision and desires: students overcoming testing fear or stress about a specific subject, entrepreneurs increasing sales and raising prices, couples experiencing renewed love and connection, and people with anxiety and depression suddenly feeling free and happy again.  

All of Erin’s clients experience more alignment and a happier and healthier life, thriving relationships (business and personal) and a calm mind.  


More About

Erin believes that the most successful lives are lived when a someone takes 100% ownership for their own experience.  

Her ability to bring the best out of even the most challenging circumstances creates deep and lasting happiness wherever she goes.

Here simple techniques and honest coaching create massive change for her clients.  This change affects every aspect of their lives, and it creates stronger and healthier people, and families. 

Erin’s background is in education, presentations, and performance coaching.  She is a natural teacher, and makes all of her sessions fun, engaging, and eye-opening.  

Erin works with teens, individuals, couples, and corporations.  She works with her clients on their specific goals, while expanding the vision of what they believe possible. 

Erin enjoys yoga, meditation, and travel. She has spent most of her career working with companies, families and teens to create unity, collaboration, and a strong sense of direction.

Erin’s coaching skills are deep and her experiences span a wide variety of topics.  After working with her, Erin’s clients are able to see themselves clearly and create an intentional life, with lots of success, love, laughter, and connection.